Theory and practice of overclocking according to the WMD Forex strategy

Theory and practice of overclocking according to the WMD Forex strategy

We continue to analyze the WMDF strategy. Today we will consider aggressive overclocking of the deposit, this tactic is fraught with great risk, but the potential profit is worth it. If there are no problems with self-control – read the theory and practice of overclocking below.

Theoretical part

When overclocking, the risks always go off scale, so you need to change the standard money management so that the overclocking attempt does not empty your deposit.

I suggest the following technique:

  • we allocate 20% of the available capital for overclocking. If you have $ 20,000, then we allocate $ 4000 for overclocking;
  • Divide the resulting amount by at least 4 parts. We receive 4 deposits of $ 1000 each. Select the number of accounts depending on the strategy indicators. For example, a history strategy almost never gives more than 3 losing signals in a row – 4 accounts and careful filtering of signals are enough;
  • taking into account the stop, the position volume is calculated so that the loss is equal to the deposit.

Our goal is to get super profit of 200-300% of the deposit for 1 successful trade.

It is better to work with a leverage of 1: 500-1: 1000. A large leverage requires less collateral for the transaction, the free margin increases, and this increases the survival of the deposit. The pip price does not depend on the leverage.

Simple overclocking method

One of the deposit overclocking schemes that we included in WMDF is a false breakout of the range border. This is a very reliable signal, and if all points of the checklist are fully executed, then the probability of the chart movement in the desired direction reaches 80%.

In total, after 2 overclocking deals, the deposit increased from $ 1000 to $ 4404.25, or by 440.4%. It took less than 2 days to overclock.

With this scheme, you need to look for ideal entry points, but the wait is worth it. For a couple of trades, you get a monthly income of a trader who trades according to a conservative scheme.

Simple overclocking method

Intelligent overclocking

Above, we have analyzed the simplest version of overclocking trading. It works, but experienced traders, due to topping up in the direction of movement, can further accelerate the deposit. The scheme is as follows:

  • looking for an entry point in the form of a false breakout of the range border, concluding a deal in a reversal
  • along the way, we work according to other WMDF patterns on a smaller timeframe. If you worked on the M15, then the top-up is done on the minute chart;
  • the volume of the top-up deal is calculated as 25-50% of the free margin.

To whom is the overclocking of the deposit contraindicated?

Those who cannot keep their emotions in check should give up this style of work. Impulsive decisions are a poor assistant in trading, and even when overclocked, this is a 100% drain guarantee.

I recommend for beginners to open separate accounts for overclocking. This will help control risks and not lose more money than originally expected. Experienced traders can use overclocking techniques on the main account, but with tough money management. Do not move your stop a single point in the expectation that the chart will soon reverse.

Don’t confuse overclocking with lottery. We do not enter the market at random; instead, we filter the signals as strictly as possible, take the most reliable ones into work and sometimes earn more than 100% of the deposit for 1 trade. A high profit is a reward for an equally high risk.