Quantum London - a review of one of the best grid providers

Quantum London – a review of one of the best grid providers

Despite the use of martingale and a grid of orders, Quantum London is able to provide up to 50-100% profit per month. There is a risk, but it can be reduced to an acceptable level. Read on to learn how to do this and what result is worth waiting for.

Quantum London characteristics

Platform: MetaTrader4

Version: 1.5.1


Timeframe: M5, M15, H1

Robot type: martingale grid

Working hours: there is the possibility of working in 24×5 mode, you can limit the working hours.

How Quantum London works

How Quantum London works

The approach to market analysis is borrowed from the handcrafted London Explosion strategy. An hour before London, the Frankfurt stock exchanges open and at this time the momentum is in most cases opposite to the movement after the London opening. That is, in the morning the trader received the most probable direction of the chart movement; in the basic version of the robot, it was recommended to limit the trading hours to the interval of 8-11 Moscow time.

Over time, the advisor has added filters by indicators, work on other sessions and the ability to trade in 24×5 mode. To enter the market, the EA uses the Quantum indicator, which determines the oversold and overbought conditions.

In the settings, the developer has provided the ability to skip part of the indicator signals. This is done to filter out false signals.

Looking ahead, I will say that after optimization, we decided to include Quantum London in our top five free robots. We adjust the composition of this set from time to time; when using a portfolio, traders earn from 15% per month.

You can get a set of 5 optimized Expert Advisors at the link below. We do not put forward any conditions, just leave an email and receive trading robots and sets of settings.

Expert advisor settings

There are a lot of parameters, I will focus on the key ones:

  • slippage – slip filter;
  • do not start a new grid – after the old one is closed, a new grid is not built;
  • use periods 1 and 2 – the working hours of the advisor are set;
  • skip N boxes – the EA will skip the specified number of Quantum indicator markers before building the grid;
  • reset counters if … – conditions are set under which the advisor starts searching for an entry point again;
  • use the Laguerre indicator – it is used when fixing a profit instead of a fixed take;
  • lot size and number of orders – for how many orders and what lot is used. With the default settings for the first 12 orders, the volume is 0.01, for the next 9 – 0.02, for the next 8 – 0.04, and then according to a similar principle. The meshes are sometimes very large.

Test results

The drawdown is high, but this is a sore spot for all grid operators. That is why money management is so tough when working with this EA. We do not recommend using the standard parameters for Quantum London. My experiments have shown that the EA lends itself well to optimization and can be made to bring a stable income. Both the advisor itself and profitable sets of settings for it can be downloaded for free from the link below.